Dame Paciencia Translation In English


° de más too much, too manyLe dieron seis libras de más.They gave him six kilos too much. ° el más the more, the mostEsta muchacha es la más inteligente.This woman is probably the most clever. ° en más de for more thanLo ha vendido en más de lo que lo compró.He’s offered it for greater than he paid for it. ° estar de más to be in extra, be unnecessaryEstoy de más.

It was like she was singing the phrases that go through my thoughts daily. I saw myself in her, and I had never skilled that feeling. Female can discuss with both intercourse or gender and even the form of connectors, … You may name your pal a pana, as the song “Piragüa” does.

° dar sabor to seasonNo le daba sabor a lo que guisaba.She didn’t season her cooking. Rodar [rad-ch I] to rollLa piedra rodaba cuesta abajo.The stone was rolling downhill. ▲ to wander about, roamEmpezó a rodar por el mundo.He began to roam all over the world.

Original unique; eccentric, oddEs un tipo muy unique.He’s a really eccentric individual. El original y tres copias.Make an authentic and three copies. Origen originSé el origen de toda la historia.I know the origin of the entire story.

° sin embargo nonetheless, nevertheless. Este documento.Indorse this document. ▲ to back, supportEl jefe respaldaba sus actos.The chief supported his actions. Resistir to withstand, put up resistanceResistieron en la ciudad durante un mes.They resisted in the metropolis for a month.

Buen ojo.You’ve shown good foresight. El dinero dentro del bolsillo.Put the cash in your pocket. ▲ to take inHaga el favor de meter un poco las costuras de la chaqueta.Please take within the seams of the jacket slightly. Trata de meternos miedo.You’re attempting to frighten us. ° meter ruido to make noiseNo meta Ud. Tanto ruido.Don’t make a lot noise.

You can upgrade your soldiers with better armor, better weapons, unique gadgets, and attachments. Do you keep in mind when the Marinette campus had a bookstore? While we miss our campus store, that area has now turn out to be a lovely addition to campus culture—the Recharge Lounge. As a lot as I’m terrified to see what the night time has waiting for me, I want to have another normal dream again. https://kristinnspencer.com/flummoxed/ I miss the nights when I didn’t have to worry the place I would wake up the next day, or even if I would wake up. I advised him everything that I had written within the journal, and he too was puzzled on the return of Doc.

20 But I nonetheless have something towards you due to that girl Jezebel. She calls herself a prophet, and you let her train and mislead my servants to do immoral things and to eat meals supplied to idols. What it doeshave are moments of genuine humor, emotion, and a soundtrack that can have you tapping your foot, if not wanting to bounce in the aisles. I give the film THREE out of FOUR stars. Musicals will not be everyone’s factor, however there’s a lot to get pleasure from in this one.

Peregrino unique, strangeTiene concepts muy peregrinas.He has very strange ideas. Belleza.Everything’s catching besides magnificence. ▲ to adhere, stickEste papel se ha pegado a la mesa.This paper’s stuck to the table.


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