Install Windows Subsystem for Linux WSL in Windows 11


However it’s not legal and you will not be able to activate Windows on more than one computer at a time. When you have a computer with a retail license of Windows 10, you can transfer the product key to a new device. You only have to remove the license from the previous machine and then apply the same key on the new computer. If you no longer work at the organization, then it’s time to buy another copy of Windows and change the license key.

Unfortunately, the price of the Windows 10 product key is quite expensive so some people choose not to buy it. Then, if you can’t activate Windows 10 if you don’t buy the product key. Microsoft allows users to download Windows 10 directly from the official website. Even better, you can use the OS on a trial basis for one month, and you won’t need an activation key within the first month of using the product.

Running Containers on Windows with Hyper-V Virtualization

This issue may also occur due to incorrect system settings. Time-saving software and hardware expertise that helps 200M users yearly. Guiding you with how-to advice, news and tips to upgrade your tech life. To do this, search CMD in Start Menu then right-click on Command Prompt from the search click this results and select Run as Administrator. Select users from the list and checkboxes against all the permissions.

  • While this may eliminate unwanted or bothersome pop-up windows, the feature sometimes can impede the functionality of legitimate or useful websites.
  • Go to the start menu and search cmd, then right-click on it and select Run As Administrator.
  • Once you’ve activated Windows 10 with your embedded key, you can then choose to reset the PC back to a clean state.

You can create an install disk by downloading the Media Creation Tool from Microsoft’s website. In the installer, you can specify the partitions you want to keep, and which ones to erase. Keep in mind that the malware could have spread to other partitions, so you should scan those with an anti-virus program. You should also back up all of your important data before doing this, since there is always a change that a bug or misclick could result in everything being erased. The next screen will let you reset the PC, restore it from a factory image, or offer additional Advanced options. You may need to enter a recovery key to continue.

Give it a Powerwash

You must confirm that you are happy to use it in version by clicking Yes, you can be sure it is functioning correctly. So, these are 7 easy ways you can get rid of activate Windows watermark. We recommend you activate the Windows with the original serial key. That said, we hope this article will solve your “remove activate Windows watermark” problem forever. Let us know if you have any queries, in the comment section below or reach out to us on social media.

PyAutoGUI is a Python module that enables interaction with a GUI operating system. In this post, you will learn how to fix Settings app crashes in Windows 10 and 11. Run and connect a WSL distro with a specific user. Now you can install any Linux distro of your choice.

We have a perfect solution for this problem. This is a guide where you will find a list to fix the problem. It will cover almost every solution for you. Step 3- Alternatively, you can press F11 as you boot to get redirected to Advanced Startup. Otherwise, press the“Do it later”button to continue. Choose your privacy settings You will have to read Windows 10’s privacy settings and decide for yourself whether you want certain features enabled.

Once it completes, you’ll have to restart your computer. Every major release of Windows comes in a few different editions, or SKUs, which have different features. The upcoming Windows 11 is no different, and we already know it’ll come in editions like Home, Pro, and more. One of the big features that’s usually exclusive to Pro editions of Windows is Hyper-V, but with some tinkering, you can actually get it on Home editions.


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