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Encryption software uses complex algorithms to scramble the data being sent. Once received, the data is decrypted using a key provided by the originator of the message. WhatsApp does not store your messages as a routine part of providing their services. Your messages are stored on your device — instead of WhatsApp’s servers.

The best messaging apps you can use on Android

WhatsApp also claimed that the firm violated American law in an “unmistakable pattern of abuse”. On July 16, 2020, a US federal judge ruled that WhatsApp and its parent company Facebook’s lawsuit against NSO group can proceed. The judge denied most of the arguments made by the NSO group.

  • Among Android apps, WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps, and users want to use it on their Chromebooks.
  • Enter details of your country and the phone number you use on your smartphone.
  • If you compare individual countries within that region, it is astonishing to see the immense reach and strong usage of social media in general.
  • Yaws has good performance under high concurrency because Yaws uses Erlang’s Lightweight threading system.

The process for an Apple iOS device or Windows Phone will be slightly different, but not too much so. If you know it wasn’t deleted, it might be a status video. Locating those takes the same steps as above, but at step 3, choose .Statuses.


Here are some more of the benefits of WhatsApp that have made it so popular. In addition, by simply installing the application, it stores data such as the IMEI of your mobile, which operator you have hired, your approximate location, what applications you have installed, etc. We can see this easily for example when we are going to enter our telephone number for the first time, where the international code of our country appears (+34 in the case of Spain). Facebook for example has used phone numbers for personalized ads. WhatsApp has few admin control features that only control Groups. Being a personal messenger, it does not support an extensive range of corporate admin control features to limit user access to the organization’s data.

How To Use Whatsapp Messenger

Tap on the photo or video that you want to download to your phone’s gallery and hit the Download icon. That will download the picture or video to your gallery. With developer mode enabled on your Chromebook, we can now download the APK file on the WhatsApp official page. Alternatively, you can download the APK file on your android phone and transfer it to your Chromebook via USB cable, Gmail, etc. Alternatively, if the Play Store method doesn’t work for you, you can install WhatsApp Messenger using the APK file. Your Chromebook should have support for the new developer channel release to run android applications.

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But we often noticed that many features within the application limit users to enjoy the services. Cydia impactor should be downloaded from cydiaimpactor.com and installed. Install Whatsapp ++ on iOSSince WhatsApp++ is modded, it will not be available on the app store of your device. For this, you need to use another app installer, AppValley. AppValley provides you with a wide variety of modded and tweaked apps which you may not find anywhere else. What makes this app installer unique is the simple yet amazing user interface it provides.


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