Welcome creators and changemakers! Are you ready to ⁣make‌ a difference in the world through⁤ your ⁢creativity and imagination? Join the Picture This Global Video ‍Competition, a platform that invites you to capture change and inspire action⁢ for a better world. In collaboration‌ with the World Photography Organization, Sony Pictures Television, and the United ‌Nations Foundation, this competition challenges you ⁣to focus on promoting climate action, clean water, life on⁣ land, ‌or any sustainable​ development goal that resonates with you. Your short video ‍has the power to⁢ visualize a positive future for people ‌and our planet. Don’t miss this opportunity to share your vision, ⁤reach ⁤a​ global audience, and ignite conversations that ‍cannot⁢ be ignored. Submit your entry now at ⁢worldphoto.org/picture-this ⁢and be​ part of ‌the movement⁢ towards a more sustainable and inclusive world.

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Inspire Action Through Creativity

Are you passionate about making a‌ difference ​in the world?​ Picture This: Global Video Competition⁤ for SDGs is calling all creators to use ⁣their‍ imagination​ and‍ creativity to inspire⁢ action. This unique ⁤opportunity, brought to you by the World​ Photography Organization, Sony Pictures Television, ⁣and the United Nations Foundation, invites you to visually capture change and promote sustainability.

<p>Whether your focus is climate action, clean water, life on land, or any other Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) that resonates with you, this competition is your platform to create a visual narrative of a better future for people and the planet. Seize this moment to share your vision with a global audience, spark meaningful conversations, and contribute to a positive impact on our world. Submit your impactful short video now at worldphoto.org/picture-this and be a part of the movement for change.</p>

Visualize a Positive Future

Capture change⁢ and ‌make ⁣a difference⁣ by participating ⁢in⁤ the Picture This Global Video Competition for Sustainable Development ​Goals (SDGs). This exciting competition, organized by the World⁣ Photography Organization in collaboration with‌ Sony Pictures Television and ⁣the ​United Nations Foundation, invites creators from​ around ⁣the world to showcase ‌their vision ‍for a better future.

<p>Use your imagination and storytelling skills to highlight important issues such as climate action, clean water, life on land, or any SDG that resonates with you.  for people and our planet through your unique perspective. Share your video with a global audience and spark meaningful conversations that have the power to drive change. Submit your entry now at worldphoto.org/picture-this and be a part of a movement towards a more sustainable world.</p>

Promote ‌Sustainable ⁣Development Goals

Calling ​all⁤ creators, you’re invited to inspire action​ for‌ a better world! Submit⁤ an impactful and​ imaginative short‍ video⁢ to Picture This, a global‍ video competition for the planet.⁢ Join the World Photography Organization in ⁤association with Sony Pictures Television and the United Nations Foundation. Use⁣ your creativity​ to promote climate ⁣action, clean water, life on‍ land, or​ a Sustainable Development Goal you care⁤ about. Visualize ⁣a positive future for people​ and our planet. ⁢The time to act is now!

Share your vision, reach a​ global‌ audience,‍ and start a ⁢conversation⁢ that’s impossible⁣ to ignore. Submit⁢ your‌ video now by visiting worldphoto.org/picture-this.

In Conclusion

In a⁢ world that is constantly changing, it’s more important ​than ever to capture the moments that inspire action for a better world. The „Picture This” global​ video competition for‍ Sustainable Development Goals is calling all‍ creators to⁤ use their imagination and creativity ‍to promote ‌positive change.

Whether it’s climate action, clean water, life on land, or any other⁣ SDG‍ you care about, this competition is your chance to make a⁤ difference. Visualize a better future for people ​and our planet,⁤ and let your voice be heard on a global scale.

Now ‍is⁢ the time to act. Submit your impactful and imaginative ⁤short video to Picture This​ and join the⁣ conversation that‌ is impossible to ignore. Together, we can inspire change and create a more sustainable world for ⁤all. Submit now at worldphoto.org/picture-this.

Let’s ⁤picture a brighter future,‍ together.

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